Dana Smith Show Team, Inc.



Here to make your Equestrian dreams come true.  

Lauren Bouwman & Delilah

Kailey Beuerlein, The Chaperon & For Eternity

Callie Devine & Wisdom

Nicole Brennan & Valentino

Emma Burke & Elias

Anna Devine & Music Row

Maya Diab & Final Decision

Caroline Gabus & O'Henry

Quincy & Madison Golledge

Zena Kataf & Herbie Fully Loaded

Lisa Lawrence & Quito

Elika Miller & Alistair

Carmella Shaffer & Ms. Independent

Sofie Sarpa & Jackson

Molly Volkland , Creme De Le Creme & Ms. Independent

Claudia Verner & The Chaperon

Kayla Zakhour & April

Linda York, Logan & Quincy

Jacqueline Pupil & Perrier

Mckenzie Elizabeth & Tom Terrific

Kit Lietzow & Enrico

Joy Phillips, Tiki & Joy & Kit

Polly McKinstry, The Joker & Rocket Man

Holly Weiland, Jett Martin & Carolus

Debbie Eberle and Taffy

Anvia Hampton & Lupo

Morgan Wiebe & Ms. Independent

Racquelle Vellandi & Ms. Independent    

Stay tuned for an update in the next 10 days...