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Horse show price list and show dates

Daily fee per horse-rider/day: $75

Groom fee $75 (paid directly to groom at closing of show and includes a tip) Sycamore Day Fees are not paid at show.

Trailering fees round trip from Rancho Sierra Vista

     Oak $130.00, single haul $150.00

     Coto: $170.00  single haul $200.00

     Del Mar: $350.00, single haul $400.00

     San Luis Rey/Dr. McCuellin’s: $450.00/return $350.00

     Temecula: $450.00

     Thermal/Santa Barbara: $700.00 single haul $850.00

     Alamo Pintata: $900.00

Client pays all entry fees, stall fees, bedding, feed, tack/groom stall splits to horse show management before leaving the horse show grounds.

Client will receive a statement from Dana Smith Show Team, Inc. after closing of show for a split of barn set up, hospitality, day fees, and trainers hotel split (if applicable).

Groom fees are paid directly to horse show grooms or given to Dana prior to client leaving show grounds at closing of the show (Sycamore Trails shows do not apply).


23-24 Signature SJC - Sycamore Trails

29-1 SCHC Hunter/Jumper Blenheim – RMVRP


10-15 Ranch & Coast Classic – RMVRP

27-29 SCHC 2022 Hunter/Jumper Blenheim – RMVRP


4-5 Signature SJC - Sycamore Trails

8-12 Blenheim June Classic I – RMVRP

15-19 Blenheim June Classic II -RMVRP


13-17 Santa Barbara Horse Show – Earl Warren Showgrounds

15-16 Two Stepping Under The Stars

20-24 Blenheim Summer Festival – RMVRP

27-31 Blenheim Racing Festival – RMVRP


3- 7 August Festival – RMVRP

12-14 SCHC 2022 Hunter/Jumper Blenheim – RMVRP

17–21 Blenheim Summer Classic – RMVRP


14–18 Blenheim Fall Tournament – RMVRP

23-25 SCHC Del Mar Fairgrounds Hunter/Jumper Series – Del Mar Fairgrounds

24-25 Signature SJC - Sycamore Trails



OCHSA Championships - RMVRP (Date to be announced)





8-11 Jingle Bell Del Mar Horse Park - Del Mar Fairgrounds

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